360 Virtual Property Tours Using Matterport Technology

Virtual property tours are a fantastic way to get potential buyers excited by your property. You can view the tour on most devices that connect to the Web. Or for the most immersive experience of all, you can put on 3d goggles and you’re literally teleported to the property !

We use professional equipment and software by Matterport to carefully create a virtual tour of your entire property. The results are stunning.

When you purchase our Showcase package, a Virtual Tour is included in the price. We also give you a free Virtual Reality (VR) headset so you can see the results for yourself and share with your friends and family.

Your freebie VR Headset if you chose the Premium or Showcase package!

Come into our branch to take a guided viewing of a Virtual Tour on our special screen or using our VR headsets.

Terraced Property in Heckmondwyke

Apartment in Morley

4 Bedroom Family Home in Morley

Useful Information on Virtual Tours

  • If you purchase the Premium or Showcase package, you’ll get a virtual tour included in the price.
  • If you are interested in creating a virtual tour but you are selling your property with another agent, please contact us on 0113 4864 695 or email for a quote.

A virtual tour is a 360 degree or ‘panoramic’ 3D visualisation of a property or space. The idea is to mimic reality, which gives a potential buyer the sense they are actually in your property. This experience allows the user to view any property in lots of detail from the comfort of their own home.

So a virtual tour will give a potential buyer a much clearer idea whether they are interested in making an offer or not – rather than wasting your time with viewings that have disappointed in some way.

We develop our virtual tours using a specialised 360 degree camera from Matterport which is set up in various locations throughout a property to scan its environment. It’s a similar process to Google street view, which uses a car-mounted camera instead.

We think a virtual tour is hugely beneficial and will help you attract more buyers to make offers on your property:

  • It’s fun and exciting – everyone really enjoys the experience of viewing a virtual tour – especially with 3D glasses
  • A buyer looking at a virtual tour will be MASSIVELY more engaged in your property – often spending 5 minutes or more examining your property in detail. This should reduce time needed for viewings and allows the customer to potentially make a buying decision much more quickly
  • Potential buyers have the ability to view the property at any time from their own home – so 24/7 viewings are now open!
  • You may require less physical viewings, so there is no need to tidy and polish every time a buyer looks at a virtual tour!
  • The tour provides a 3 dimensional ‘dolls house’ styled view of the property, which is massively superior to a traditional floorplan – which enables buyers to consider how they will arrange themselves once they have moved in

There are some pitfalls to watch out for too!

  • A virtual tour is very unforgiving – it will capture every last detail! So if there are a few ‘shabby’ aspects to your property, a buyer will soon spot them inside the virtual tour. To avoid this situation, the trick is to meticulously prepare and ‘stage’ your property so it looks as beautiful as possible!
  • A buyer may be deterred from a viewing if there are aspects of the property that do not meet their expectations during a virtual tour. However, in effect this may filter out unnecessary viewings – which saves you wasted time in the long run

How long does a Virtual Tour take?

The Virtual Tours take between 1 & 3 hours to complete, depending on the property size and preparation.

How do I prepare for a Virtual Tour?

To help make the Virtual tour as efficient as possible please ensure:

  • Rooms are clean and tidy throughout the property
  • Curtains/Blinds are opened as natural light is key to achieving the best quality
  • Virtual Tours give potential buyers the ability to look in all directions of each room as well as zoom in where ever they like, so removing any personal items, family photos or valuables out of sight is recommended.
  • Remove any smaller mirrors if possible and cover up any mirrors that are permanently fixed.

Each and every customer that has purchased a virtual tour will receive a detailed welcome pack, taking them through the step by step guide to preparing their property for a virtual tour.

When is the best time to book my Virtual Tour?

The best time for us to complete a Virtual Tour of your property is, in most cases, in conjunction with the photography we do to list it on the market. If you are having a virtual tour without selling your property, it is best to book it for once any work on the property is done and the preparation steps are complete.

How does a Virtual Tour work?

The basis of the process for a virtual tour involves a specialised 360 degree camera which is placed throughout the property at optimum locations. The camera will then scan each of these locations and stitch together a 3 dimensional view of the property which can be viewed from all angles as well as entered to view each of the scan locations.

How do I view my Tour once its complete?

Once a tour is complete, it requires processing, uploading and in some cases, a small amount of editing before the final tour is ready for viewing. We aim to provide you with the finished tour up to 24 Hours after the completion of the scans. This will come in the form of a link via email, which you will have full access to at anytime.

Is the Virtual Tour compatible with Virtual reality?

Yes, The virtual tours can be viewed on most devices with an internet connection, including virtual reality headsets. All customers who purchase a virtual tour either separately or via a Sellmyownplace package will receive a free complimentary set of google VR goggles, compatible with most smartphones.

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